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CTI's Story 

Est. 2022

What started out as something we dreamed about having in the area, has finally become true!

Crystal Training Institute is a state-of-the-art sports training facility.  Founded by Mark Matthiae, Jeremy Jirschele, and Joe Tofferi with the goal of giving athletes the ability to train year-round.  The 82,000+ square foot facility features a wide range on training opportunities including basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, hockey, golf, soccer, lacrosse, football, dance, fitness, and general field turf.


The focus at CTI is to make our athletes reach their potential!  CTI is more than just your ordinary sports training facility.  In additional to the training areas, CTI offers many different amenities such as: private fitness area, physical therapy, locker rooms, private showers and changing rooms, conference room, towel service, large team meeting room, concession and beverage areas, and a large general upstairs seating area with viewing of the facility.


Centrally located for all surrounding communities, our home is in the Central Wisconsin Business Park (across the street from Central Wisconsin Airport). 

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