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Corporate Wellness

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Our mission is to deliver the most scientifically proven health and wellness platform enabling employees to reach their individual potential while building a culture that is positive, educational and encouraging.


CTI provides the most scientifically proven Health and Wellness platform available for Corporations/Companies.  Our unique PREVENTATIVE approach to large health care costs is highly personal, innovative, and effective for both the employee and the employer.

Our clients experience increased: profit, productivity, morale, employee retention, reduction in loss work days, and decrease in health care costs.

Did You Know?



Nationally, employers spend up to $20 billion dollars a year on musculoskeletal work related injuries; five times that for indirect costs (hiring, training replacements, etc.).

Recent studies show that early interventions can help reduce musculoskeletal costs by 60% (Workwell)

Our employers save $41 per month per employee
*based on services completed 

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