$25/hr Member

$50/hr Non-Member


We offer 4 full size courts for: basketball, volleyball, football, dance, etc.  The courts are 44'x80' and custom lined for each sport.  The hoops and nets are also adjustable to fit any age or level.  The courts are also conveniently located underneath the viewing deck for spectatators to watch.

Training Turf

$25/hr Member

$50/hr Non-Member


We offer two smaller turf training areas (50'x80') which can also be combined to make a larger training area (50'x160').  Each area is enclosed with netting to keep all balls in play.  These areas are great for: soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball/softball, etc. Turf allows for molded spikes only. 

Golf Simulator

$30/hr Member

$60/hr Non-Member


COMING SOON! Our 2 TruGolf simulators are available year round.  These simulators feature over 100+ courses to play, full practice ranges, in-depth analysis of club and ball data.  One of our simulators also features the multi-sport gaming package.  Two players can average 9 holes in one hour.

Batting Cages

$20/hr Member

$40/hr Non-Member

cage 1.jpg

Our state fo the art batting cases are not only the nicest in the midwest!   The 6 cages are 15'x70' with 20' high ceiling nets so they fit any level from major league to youth.  We also offer pitching machines for baseball as well as softball.  Mounds for pitching are also available.  The popular HitTrax is what we use for analysis for both hitting and pitching.

Field Turf

Price TBD

Perfromance Field.jpg

COMING SOON!  We offer the largest indoor turf area in central Wisconsin! The field turf length is 133'x104'.  This area can be divided into multiple areas and is also lined for multiple sports such as: baseball/softball, soccer, .  The area is enclosed with netting and also features a fan area for spectators.  The large scoreboards also make it great for tournaments and games.  


Dance Studio

$25/hr Member

$50/hr Non-member


This 30'x55' SPRUNG dance floor is available for ALL styles of dance, fitness classes, events, team meeting room, etc.  The dance studio features a mirror sided wall, state of the art sound system, ballet barres, and privacy from other membership areas.