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CTI's Hockey Center 

Welcome to Wisconsin's greatest off-ice hockey skills training facility.  Our state of the art designated hockey area consists of 2 Rapid Shot Shooting Lanes, a Woodway Skating Treadmill, 2 Rapid Hand Stations, and 2 Designated Shooting and Goaltending Nets.  This a hockey player's dream! 

The skating treadmill is ideal for all levels of skaters. From beginners learning fundamentals to professional athletes seeking stride efficiency and endurance development. The Blade is the ultimate tool for developing technique and improving overall skating abilities.  The treadmill can operate up to 4 skaters at a time.

The Rapid Shot Shooting Lanes can be used with skates or regular athletic shoes.  Each Zone measures shot power and speed, accuracy, and reaction time.  This is essential to not only compete against players throughout the world, but more importantly yourself.  Each shot is tracked and saved for you to analyze.

Our state of the art Rapid Hand Stations are like nothing you have ever seen before.  With improvement in stick handling being its major focus, the software allows you to practice or compete at all levels of skill.  The system also analyzes and saves your data to show improvements.

Need some space for your team to work on shooting, skating, puck handling, and goaltending and can't seem to find the ice for it?  We offer an hourly team rental for our ENTIRE hockey area.  Players and coaches can all work together on all facets of the game at the same time. ​

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